Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesday - Work Day One

           Here's the outdoor mess hall where we gather three times a day to eat

Ellen, Maddie, and Chris getting a jump on painting the woodwork for the new house

The foundation how we found it; complete with resident pig.

Cory and Scott loading up in the morning

The Haitian crew put forms around and set up string lines, and soon the wheelbarrows were running. Our job was to get the concrete which was being mixed out on the street down a narrow, 100-foot walkway between houses, over a three-foot drainage ditch, then past one more house to the left. It was then scooped out of the wheelbarrows with buckets, dumped in place, and troweled off by the crew.  We even finished by lunchtime.

   After lunch, the whole team loaded up the truck with 250 cement blocks, took them to the site, and made a block brigade

If the video below doesn't play for you, click here

Ashley and Marty building relationships 

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