Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday - Dedication Day!

Dedication was set for 1:30 in the afternoon.  We had four doors to hang, some concrete to mix, and touch-up painting to do.  We were late to lunch, but were ready for the ceremony on time.   

Ellen painting while a little friend looks on

Mike installing a door knob

Keith and Jeff hanging the back door

Scott, Drew and Samuel mix concrete

Marc Georges, with the help of our interpreter, Nicholson, told the story of the family who had lost their roof in Hurricane Matthew and then had their roof replaced by YWAM. Once the roof was on, the landlord decided he wanted to live there, so Ros and her five kids were kicked out. That's where YWAM and New Danville came in. What a joy it was to be able to build her a house and hand over the keys. We spent time praying for the family and for the walls of this new home. What a blessing from God to be able to serve His people in this way!

Marc Georges and Nicholson explaining the story behind the house

Maddie handing over the keys to Rosalyn and her children

Our team with the family

Tomorrow morning we get on the bus and head to the airport.  We are scheduled to leave around lunchtime. Please pray for safety in our travels and a smooth process through customs.

Some behind-the-scenes activities from the week:

Maddie using seashells to decorate in front of the house

Cory surrounded by enthusiastic children who all love 
to have their picture taken

Martin and Keith check out the new windows

 Cory offering Drew some chocolate-colored paint

There was also time for fun.  Card games and ping pong were played, as 
well as a very intense arm-wrestling tournament that will be 
remembered for a long time!

We wish God's richest blessing on the family within these walls!

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  1. A beautiful house built by a beautiful group of people! Thank you for your work in Haiti. I am sure this family will remember what you have done forever!
    Safe travels today and tonight!


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