Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday - Work Day Four

Each morning when we come downstairs for breakfast, we are treated to a beautiful view of the mountains behind the base to the east.

Today was a day of working around the base. Martin, Keith and Jeff were in charge of building doors for the bathrooms in the arena, which is used when YWAM hosts crusades or sporting events.

Keith and Jeff

Keith, Martin, and their finished project

Cory, Mike and Drew were enlisted to create a metal stand to hold a new grill for the kitchen; all of those welding skills came in handy today.


Drew and Mike

The grill stand is all finished except for the paint

After Marty finished smoothing the driveway with the skid loader, he joined everyone else in the depot (shop), where materials were being organized and rearranged to make more room and improve efficiency.  Piles of roofing tin and lumber were sorted and moved around for easier access.


We are thankful for...

  • Good food
  • Fans that run all night long
  • The opportunity to learn about and experience the Haitian culture
  • Team members who work well together
  • The chance to learn to know and interact with the YWAM staff
Several team members have been taking turns feeling a bit under the weather, so we appreciate your prayers for good health. 

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  1. Prayers for good health and a restful day on Sunday - God's day! You are certainly doing God's work!


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