Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thursday - Work Day Three

We woke to another warm day in Haiti. Most of us slept well, but for some, the sounds of dogs barking, music playing, and the power saw across the street prevented an ideal night's rest.

Our morning devotions today reminded us to keep an eternal perspective; both for ourselves and our daily activities, as well as remembering that each person we meet is an eternal being, and to keep that in mind as we relate to them.

Today the masons began putting stucco on all of the walls of the house, first on the inside and then on the outside. Our job was to keep them supplied with mortar. Sand had to be hauled in and cement bags carried.  First, the sand is dumped in a pile on the ground. Then it is sifted into another pile; two different sizes of screens were used depending on if it was to be used for mortar or for stucco. Cement gets mixed into the sand with shovels, and then an area is hollowed out in the center where water is poured. After more mixing with the shovels, it is scooped into five-gallon buckets and carried to wherever it's needed. Cory got a workout today, hoisting the buckets over his head to pour the concrete into the forms for the porch posts. The other guys did as well; wheeling, carrying, and mixing mortar all day is strenous work!

 Jeff carrying one of the 140 bags of cement down the alleyway. Each bag weighed over 90 pounds. 

Scott and Drew on  mortar detail

Marty bracing the porch pillar that is ready to be poured

Cory and Ellen work on sand-sifting skills

The front of the house at the end of the day

As always, children were everywhere. They love to learn our names, and are eager to make a connection. None of them are shy.  

 Ellen, Ashley and Maddie with their little "zanmi" (friends) 

 They thought Mike's skydiving video was pretty cool

Ashley and a special friend

Maddie helping them jump rope

And finally, an aerial view of the neighborhood, 
taken by staff member Kristian Snow

Click here to view our job site on Monday
And here for today's progress

Thank you for your prayers; they are much appreciated!


  1. Another hard day of work and some fun and play mixed in! Thank you for all you are doing there!


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