Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saturday - Tour of the Fifth Section and Saint Marc

After four days of serious physical work, most of us were quite ready to catch our breath and rest those tired muscles we've been abusing.  Some of the older folks had their tongues hanging out a little, and we have been very thankful for the young and energetic members who have done an amazing job with the strenuous work in 90-degree temperatures.  We were all struggling to drink enough and it may have caused some health issues, but everyone has pretty much recovered.  We have definitely seen God's hand in the job we have to do and the people we have to do it with.

So today we piled in two 4x4 pickups and set out for the Fifth Section of Saint-Marc to see what God is doing and has done there.  We saw many homes that YWAM has built over the years.  We saw several villages that are beacons of light in a difficult economy, and another village that seems to be open to God and to YWAM beginning a new work there.  In spite of the poorness, we saw many friendly faces and had many children's hands to hold as we walked along.

Things that made an impact on our team members today...

  • Although YWAM has done so much, there is still an overwhelming need in Haiti
  • The extreme living conditions of the people here
  • Our sobering visit to the inside of the prison where the men are crowded 30 to a cell
  • Getting to see Pastor Bo again 
  • Hearing the stories of success in Lubin where there is a thriving church and school 
  • Visiting the village of Balale where green rice paddies have replaced the dry barren land we saw three years ago, and the people now have their own rice mill
There is HOPE!

Prayer requests:

  • Good health
  • Safety in traveling
  • For Saint-Marc and YWAM in the midst of Mardi Gras, which has just begun 

And a few snapshots from our day:

 First stop: Timonette

 Clothes drying in the sun

 A village home

The road that our team built to Lubin three years ago is still in good shape, 
despite recent flooding nearby

 Children enjoying the ball Chris gave them

And finally... doesn't everyone have a peacock wandering
around their dining room?


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    1. Sorry gang, technical issues - I’ll repost! ~Jann

  2. Hey! So glad to here you are all sharing God’s love with those you mee! I have tears in my eyes as a look at your fabulous photos. I have been lifting you all up in prayer. It is great to see Chris walking with those adorable children, and knowing how many smiles you will see from playing with real ball (instead of rolled up paper and tape).

    A little news from home. Last night the youth group served spaghetti to 199 guests! It was a huge success. The church has a wonderful aroma, which will probably hang around awhile.....ummm...sorry to mention case you miss our food.

    Take care all!


  3. Definitely prayers for sore muscles, enduring the heat and thanks for hard work!


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